At times it can be unclear about the true value of financial advice so the following points can provide you with an insight into what you may gain from seeking financial advice from a professional Financial Broker.

  • Consumers don’t want conflicted advice
    Consumers want advice and financial solutions that are based on their specific goals and objectives, and not those of the person giving the advice. The impartiality of the advice giver is critical here, they need to be able to seek out and provide the very best solution in the market for the client. Financial Brokers are not aligned to any one organisation and can advise upon the products of many organisations. Their advice starts and ends with the client, not the products available to them. Many times, Financial Brokers can have access to the best prices and special offers not always available through individual institutions.

  • Consumers want clear and transparent charging
    Similar to any other product or service bought by consumers, they rightly want to know what it is costing them. The providers of financial advice need to be able to clearly demonstrate the value that they are bringing through their advice, and what this advice costs. The adviser needs to be able to set out clearly how they will make a difference to the financial future of the client, and charge accordingly for this. Consumers can choose to pay for this through commission taken by the adviser from products, or by separate fees – however the adviser needs to be able to communicate clearly the value that will be gained from their advice.

  • Financial advice is about lifetime relationships
    We firmly believe that financial advice is not a point in time transaction, it is a journey. It starts with the adviser identifying the desired financial outcomes of a client (the destination) and understanding the client’s current circumstances (the starting point). The adviser then puts in place the financial solutions (the vehicle) to help you achieve your objectives.

    But as with any journey, the minute that you set off, everything changes! Financial markets change, your circumstances change, maybe your objectives change. So your financial adviser needs to travel on your financial journey with you to continue to guide and redirect as needed.

  • We are on the consumers side
    A Financial Broker will act on your behalf in dealing with companies from start to the finish and will always strive to obtain what is in the clients best interest. Whether it is investigating existing policies or communicating with a company with regards to a claim, we can make your life easier.